Masters of Bacon is a re-occuring tournament that has its roots in Stunlock Studios game Bloodline Champions. With the spiritual successor Battlerite now in the making, we're prepared to follow suit. The point of the tournament is to create a fun experience for the community, with everything ranging from tournament streams, to giveaways and art contests.


The tournament is an online tournament run as non-profitable, hence all donations will go directly to prize pools, so any penny spent, will go back into the community.

The first Masters of Bacon is arranged into 4 qualifiers with the top 2 teams qualifying to the final event.

The qualifiers will be every sunday from the 19th of November to 10th of December.

The main event will go down from the 12th - 14th of January, where there will be entertainment both ingame and out of game. Prize pool for finals is depending on the total amount of donations, and will be announced at a later stage.

link to brackets are: https://smash.gg/tournament/masters-of-bacon-2

link to discord are: https://discord.gg/aZBNrrh



All contributions (less fees) will go to the tournament's prize pool and contests, to be distributed to our winners! Our team receives none of the proceeds for organizing the tournament. We do it purely out of our love for Battlerite and out of our commitment to grow its player base.

The final prizepool is determined by donations coming in and will be announced at a later stage. If we exceed over $1050 in donations, we will put the additional funding towards our next tournament.

thanks to Matcherino you can donate 1 dollar for free using the code bacon1

Masters of Bacon Donator Avatar
Thanks to Stunlock Studios everyone who donates 5$ or more towards the tournament will be receiving this in-game avatar in Battlerite.

Delivery Time: Q1 2018

Lucie and Bakko saying thanks!


Signups will open 1 week prior to the qualifier start.
We will be using the platform smash.gg to host our brackets.
Link to tournament bracket: https://smash.gg/tournament/masters-of-bacon-2

Qualifier 1: 19th of November

First place : Aelmaolekek

second place: Imperium

Qualifier 2: 26nd of November

First place : Impact

Second place : Tutorial boss

Qualifier 3: 3rd of December

Qualifier 4: 10th of December

Finals: 12th - 14th of January


Participating teams are not allowed to start their games until an announcement has been made to do so.

Games chosen to be observed by the Admin, will be hosted by the Admins and will invite you to the match.

Pauses are not allowed during rounds , if a pause is used during a round, the round is forfeited.
Pauses are allowed between rounds , maximum 3 pauses per team per map of 30 seconds each.
If people can't reconnect due to the Servers having issues, it's up to the Admins discretion depending on several factors such as time.

If a team haven’t shown up 5 minutes after match start, the team will forfeit the match.
Remember to save replays from every match, at a conflict admins will require the replay to solve issues.
Bug exploiting will result in a Disqualification. Whether something is deemed as a bug is at the admin's discretion.
Qualified players are not allowed to play in future qualifiers. If caught breaking this rule, it will result in their team being disqualified from the tournament (both their main team and smurf team).
Make sure you don't use offensive names, as it could lead to a participation ban. Admins will have the final call on any rule conflicts.
Anyone involved with Masters of Bacon is forbidden from competing in the tournament as a player, to avoid conflict of interest.
At least 2 out of 3 players on a team who qualified has to be represented in the tournament finals, 1 substitute is allowed, if less than 2 out of 3 the spot is forfeited.
If a team loses it spots, the 3rd place from the qualifier will get the spot, if the 3rd place is allready qualified, 4th place gets it and so forth.
Prize pool to be determined at a later stage, depending on crowdfunding
All prizes will be paid through paypal using dollars.
Server region: EU West by default, other regions are allowed if both teams agree to it.

Map settings:Winscore: 5, 2:00 minute round time, 3v3

Map drafting:
Top seed will pick first map, if more maps has to be played, the losing team will choose next map
Map pool:
Mount Araz - Day
Mount Araz - Night
Orman Temple - Day
Orman Temple - Night
Sky Ring - Day
Sky Ring - Night
Blackstone Arena - day
Blackstone Arena - Night
Dragon Garden - Day
Dragon Garden - Night

Champion bans:

1 champion ban per team,

Champion is banned for both teams,

on further maps you will ban again, old bans from the map before doesnt count anymore,

lowest seed bans first on first map, then winning team will ban first on further maps.

Champion bans are done AFTER maps has been picked

Champion draft

Team A is higher seed, team B is lower seed
Picking phase consist of:
Team A picks a champion
Team B Picks a champion
Team A Picks a champion
Team B Picks two champions
Team A Picks a champion
Champion picks are done AFTER champion ban

Qualifier team limit: 128 teams, first come first served.
Qualifier bracket: Single elimination with 3rd place decider, the top 2 teams qualify for the final event

Qualifier Pre-top 8:
Best of 1 map
Champion Draft

Qualifier top 8:
Best of 3 maps
Champion Draft

Main Event bracket: Double elimination

Main Event:
Best of 3 maps
Champion draft
Grandfinals lower bracket team has to win 2 times best of 3 maps

Admin list: